Free Xbox Live Codes 48 Hour [ Method]

The Xbox game subscriptions are difficult to buy for a full-time student. Although Xbox live trial codes are prominent in the market people, do not know the genuine ways to access Xbox codes.

However, there is no need to worry about this as we will provide you with the most authentic and legitimate ways to get Free Xbox Live Trial Codes. Another advice is that never go for Xbox Live code generator and other hack stuff. They are completely fake and never work. With these generators, the owner of websites earns money.

Xbox is an excellent source of entertainment. This platform, launched by Microsoft, has simply brought a big revolution in the world. Since every game can be easily found on the Xbox directly without any spam files involved, it is the best source to get your favourite game.

Legit Ways To Get Free Xbox Live Trial Codes

A new Xbox account:

  • Microsoft allows you to create a maximum of 3 accounts from one console.
  • Hence you can log in to an account and put your credit card details to avail gold membership.
  • Make sure you cancel the membership before the trial period ends.
  • Create a new account and repeat the steps for until you are done with 3 accounts.
  • Enter the location correctly to avail the offer. After the three month period is over Microsoft will not give you any message regarding Gold membership.

Making new accounts with new email id:

You can create multiple accounts and register with different id’s to avail free gold membership offer.
Do make sure you use a different credit card for each account that you have created. Never go for fake credit card generators as they can permanently block your access from Xbox.
Make sure to cancel the membership once you are done with one-month free membership.

Getting Free Xbox Live Trial Codes by playing some game:

Some of the games offer Xbox live free codes or trial version varying from 48 hours to a month. Games like FIFA, Halo offer free Xbox live trial codes for a month.

Waiting for Microsoft for giveaways of free Xbox live trial codes:

  • Microsoft often offers free Xbox live trial codes to promote Xbox. A lot of trial codes along with the gaming console are given away.
  • But you should have a clear idea from where you can get these free codes.
  • Microsoft offers these codes on the official Microsoft store on big festival occasions like Christmas or New Year.
  • You should join Facebook and other social media groups to know about these big offers.

Activating the gold trial membership of Xbox live:

  1. This method works for those people only who have an Xbox live account but have not activated the Xbox live gold membership even once.
  2. Log in to your account and go to the subscription page.
  3. Go to the free Xbox live gold membership trial option and activate it.
  4. Put your credit card details.
  5. Cancel the membership before the first month ends as it may cost you a significant amount.

Reddit giveaways:

Reddit is an awesome platform for free Xbox live trial codes.
In fact, Reddit is a platform where you can avail almost all the offers and gift vouchers as people usually put genuine stuff there otherwise it is removed. There are various subreddits regarding Xbox live trial codes.
Follow any of these to get the best exciting offers.

From various giveaway sites:

  • There are so many sites available on the internet that provide you work, and in return, you earn cash or vouchers
  • Sites like Swagbucks or Google opinions provide you work like content writing, image editing or video editing and you are paid the reward.
  • The reward is often in the form of 48 Hour Free Xbox live trial codes that can be directly redeemed in your Xbox live account.
  • There are various kinds of works available on these sites providing you with a diverse option. You can even fill out short surveys or promote on social media to earn from these sites. No particular skill is required.

Final words:

This was all regarding the best sources of getting free Xbox live trial codes. However, there is advice never believe in any Xbox live code generators as they are entirely fake and people are tricked, so that the owner of the generator earn around $1 to $2 per click on generators.

Microsoft’s database is so secure that it is too complicated for a professional hacker also to hack the codes. Hence, go for these legit ways instead of using generators or buying codes. If you have any other opinions than do share them in the comment box! Thank you for reading.