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Get Free Auto Followers On Instagram Without Apps

Instagram is the most trending social media app where users can share their photographs and videos for their followers to see. Having the maximum number of followers is the key to get the most happening Instagram account.

This must make you ponder over ‘how to get free Auto Instagram followers.’ The methods are simple but not very known to a lot of users. That is why we are here to enlighten you. Here are some best ways to get free Instagram followers:

1. Use hashtags

Hashtags (#) are trending words that are popular on this social media platform. These hashtags help users to gain more popularity. There are many hashtags which intend on getting more followers. #followforfollow, #tagforlikes, #likeforlike, #followback are some of the examples of such tags.

2. Make an attractive profile

It is human psychology that anything visually alluring attracts. Therefore, a visually attractive profile on Instagram can help you attain a good number of followers.

3. Choose a specific niche and keep your account public

Choosing a particular niche like Lifestyle, traveling, food, fashion, etc. can help people associate your identity with some specific niche. These people can be your potential followers. When these people wish to see something related to that particular niche, they can direct themselves at your profile. An Instagram profile with a niche can be informative and useful to your followers.

4. Organise giveaway contests

Giveaways are exciting ways of getting new followers. For people who do not know what a giveaway is, it is a competition that is conducted online amongst the followers of an Instagram user. The people interested in the competition can follow the guidelines given by the Instagram user.

These guidelines usually contain tasks like following some pages or tagging your friends. Users who do the task correctly become eligible to be a part of the lucky draw. The winner gets merchandise pre-decided as the gift of the Giveaway.

5. Post in the golden hours

Posting at the right time leads you to get better outreach. People are usually busy in the mornings. Therefore the night becomes the prime time for reaching the maximum audience. People are most often free at night, and they scroll their social media profile. Also, posting on weekends can bring you better results. So remember to choose the best timings for your posts to get more reach.

6. Use the other features of Instagram

Instagram has other attractive features of making stories, using filters and Instagram TV. Actively using these features can allow you to have a broader reach.

7. Be active on other people’s profile

Commenting and liking pictures of other people can bring you in the notice of your potential followers. Suppose if you commented on a photograph of a celebrity, your comment would be enlisted on their post. Other users will also come across the same photograph; the chances are that they might find your account interesting and start following you.

8. Get influential people on your profile

If you are in touch or can get in touch with a prominent personality of Instagram, it can help you a lot. Post a picture or a video of them, tag them along and there you will see your number of followers popping up. The fame of that auto Instagram followers can help you fetch some for yourself.

9. Get yourself featured on some famous Instagrammer

Getting yourself featured on an Instagram page can solve the problem of ‘how to get free Instagram followers.’ Getting your content posted on some great profile with your profile tagged in it can be a great aid to your follower gaining mission.

10. Be regular at posting

Regular posting is mandatory to establish your influence on this platform. Post good photos or videos with winning captions and popular hashtags to invite new followers to your account. Post content in every two or three days.

Note: You can find a lot of methods and people who can get you, auto followers, instantly but let us tell you that all those are artificial means of getting free Instagram Followers. There are generators, quick software and many other bizarre techniques that may seem to help in understanding what you aspire. But all that is a hoax.

There can be a sharp hike in your following, but that increased number of free Instagram followers will not be genuine. That will not be an organic way, and therefore, the number of audiences will remain the same. Which means the number of likes and comments will remain stagnant.

There are many pages on Instagram which charge for giving a certain amount of followers. Never waste your money there, instead follow the techniques that have been mentioned above. And there will be no need to search and spend time on ‘how to get free Instagram followers.’